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Malvern Rocks Logo Square

Returning July 2024

Featured artist: Gypsy Pistoleros

The world’s greatest flamenco punk band ever!

Where: The New Inn
When: 6pm Saturday 29th July

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According to their website, the Gypsy Pistoleros are the world’s greatest flamenco punk band ever!  A bold claim.  However, you will be able to judge for yourselves as they take to the stage at Malvern Rocks.

Gypsy Pistroleros

Gypsy Pistoleros are a unique and exciting band who are not afraid to break the mould. Their sound is a head-on collision of flamenco, punk rock, and glam rock, and their songs are full of big hooks, attitude, and sleaze. The flamenco breaks in their music are instantly catchy and will stay in your head long after you’ve heard them.  They have been described as “the ideal house band for the fictitious Titty Twister bar of Rodriguez’s From Dusk Till Dawn.”

The band’s current lineup consists of Gypsy Lee Pistolero on vocals, Shane Pistolero Sparkz on guitars, Kerry Pistolero White on bass and Crag Pistolero Shape on drums. Their releases include En la vida Real! (2005), Forever Wild, Beautiful & Damned (2012), The Mescalito Vampires (2021) and The Greatest Flamenco Sleaze Glam Band Ever! (2020).  Their new album ‘Duende a Go Go Loco!’ captures an edgier, punkier and heavier side of these outlaws.

Gypsy Pistoleros have toured extensively in the UK, Europe, and the US, and are known for their energetic live shows, which are full of passion, attitude, and sleaze.

The band’s music has been praised by critics for its originality and its ability to fuse different genres of music together. They have been compared to a variety of artists, including The New York Dolls, The Cramps, and The Damned.

The band was born somewhere between Zaragoza and Worcester, and they were brought up on a soundtrack of stack-heeled anthems of sleazy ’70s glam. They are one of those rare acts who can honestly claim the tag “unique.”

Titty Twister

In today’s predictable musical landscape, Gypsy Pistoleros are a breath of fresh air. They are a band who are not afraid to experiment and try new things, and their music is all the better for it. If you’re looking for something different, then we highly recommend checking them out.

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