Photos by Geoffrey Head
Malvern Rocks Logo Square

Returning July 2024

Featured artist: Milly Mason

No doubt that Milly will be the next pop phenomenon

Where: Bar Limon
When: 3pm Sunday 30th July

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Fifteen-year-old Milly Mason has been very busy this summer. Her gig at Malvern Rocks will be her third festival appearance in July alone.

Reviewers say her voice is the true star of the show. She’s a capable singer with a voice that sounds as strong as any other superstar in the business. Her technique is superb, and her accuracy and control speak to her true-born talent. Her singing alone makes her appearance at Bar Limon worth a stop off.  But she also plays guitar with deftness and skill.

Stuck Here at the Crossroad is a tremendously accomplished first single and would be for anyone regardless of age.  The fact that she wrote and released it at 14 speaks to her innate talent. Her second single release, Our Autumn Day, is a song dominated by the optimism of her early teenage years. The arrangement and compositions are simple yet flowing and, crucially, great to listen to.  Milly is destined for great things.  Let’s help her on her way.

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