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Returning July 2024

Featured artist: Biskee Brisht

Upbeat indie-folk-pop from the Isle of Man

Where: Newtown Club
When: 10pm Saturday 29th July

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Biskee Brisht, means ‘Broken Biscuit’ in Manx Gaelic.  It is a reference to the Manx tradition of breaking a biscuit over the head of a new-born baby to ensure good luck. 

This indie-folk-pop band come from the Isle of Man and their songs are foot-tappingly memorable, whether in English or Manx Gaelic.  Their music is full of catchy melodies, heartfelt love songs, and up-beat choruses. Their debut album, Stand in the Sea, is available now on all streaming services and CD.

Biskee Brisht mean 'broken biscuit' in Manx Gaelic
Photo by Olive & Co

The band was formed by Ruby Biscoe-Taylor, who pulled together friends and family to create folk pop music with a sense of connection and place.  Alongside Ruby on lead vocals and ukulele is David ‘Kin’ Kinley (of Tholtan Builders and Rhysical Pheck) on electric guitar, John Kaighin on accordion, Django Kinley on trumpet, James Kinley on trombone, Matt Brewster on bass/violin, with Danny Kneale often stepping in on drums.

Biskee Brisht have won the Arrane Son Mannin competition twice, which finds a song to represent the Isle of Man at the Pan-Celtic International Song Contest. They have proudly flown the flag for the Isle of Man in Carlow and Letterkenny, Ireland.

With lively and energetic performances, Biskee Brisht have become a popular live act on the island, performing at festivals such as Shennaghys Jiu, Dark Horse, and Yn Chruinnaght. The great reception to their debut album has the band raring to tour and spread their sound, which is truly both Manx and modern, unique folk but approachable pop, cultural, and highly listenable.

They headline at Newton Club on the Saturday night of Malvern Rocks.

Photo by Phil Kneen

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