Photos by Geoffrey Head
Malvern Rocks Logo Square

Returning July 2024

Featured artist: Cantaloop

The perfect fusion of funk, punk, soul, jazz, and hip hop!

Where: Newtown Club
When: 10pm Friday 28th July

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In the ever-changing landscape of modern funk with its amorphous topology, Cantaloop certainly stand out.  Just as the Malvern Hills tower above the flatlands below!


Festival favourites Cantaloop are recently reborn.  They have upped the tempo and switched to a higher gear while still holding true to their ethos of unity and community.  Fusing their infectious organic funk with emotive digital beats, Cantaloop bring their new 2.0 flavour to the stage.

They’ve put the drummer into a digital box, embracing cut and paste technology to supercharge their sound, this transformation creates a juggernaut of sound and rhythm, perfect for clubs and festivals.

Fusing past and present with a turbine of rhythms, hear the whistle-blast that heralds the arrival of this power-house of funk, punk, soul jazz and hip-hop.

Here comes the get down!

We, at Malvern Rocks are super-stoked to welcome these fantastic funksters to the Newtown Club.  A must-see band!

‘You must dig it! They are a fantastic Brit-funk band.’
Huey Morgan, BBC2, BBC 6 Music

Cantaloop hits you with immediate effect.’ 
Russell Myrie, Blues and Soul

‘Well worth checking out. There’s something for everyone.’ 

‘A storming soundtrack to sweaty dance floor action.’  
Virgin Mega Stores USA

‘Show-stopping live performances’  

‘Stone cold quality funk’ 
Slap Mag!

‘We go way, way back with these boys, and their reading of the blues into funky hip-hop has always seemed the most natural thing.’ 
Steve Henwood, Bandstand Stage, Glastonbury

‘I told my friends – a must see band before you die’ 
Allen Stewart, C-loop fan, Bristol

‘Great tunes, great band, go see ’em live.’ 
Frank Benbini, BBC Radio

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