Photos by Geoffrey Head
Malvern Rocks Logo Square

Returning July 2024

Our terms and conditions

Bands and performers

By agreeing to play at Malvern Rocks, bands and performers are entering a contract whereby they agree to

  • perform at Malvern Rocks in a venue and at a time at our discretion
  • arrive at the venue in time
  • have all the necessary instruments and equipment for their performance
  • start and finish their performance at the advertised time unless advised otherwise by a Malvern Rocks representative
  • promote their performance at Malvern Rocks through social media etc.
  • be responsible for providing details for electronic payment of performance fees
  • abide by the decision of Malvern Rocks in respect of performance fees


In becoming an Official Malvern Rocks venue you agree to

  • allow Malvern Rocks to use the venue 
  • allow the sale of Malvern Rocks merchandise on the premises
  • actively promote Malvern Rocks merchandise to customers
  • allow branded posters and publicity material to be displayed 
  • to pay any fees according to schedule
  • to have valid public liability insurance